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Light Up Lancaster brings you some amazing artworks, installations, activities and workshops… find out more!

  • Zomotion

    Storey Gardens

    Zomotion zoetropes are light-based animated sculptures. Sequences of individual models rotate above head-height to create live 3D animations for the viewer. The  models are mounted on individual spokes, rotating from the top of a three metre high central pole. Unlike other 3D zoetropes, the Zomotions light source moves independently and illuminates only one model at a time, in precision-controlled bursts, ...

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  • Lasertonic

    Lancaster Castle

    How can colour and sound affect our mood and emotions? Studies have shown that colours with shorter wavelengths such as blue and green evoke feelings of calmness. This immersive laser projection uses sound and colour to transforms its surroundings into a meditative environment. The colourful, undulating laser light dances in time with the surround sound, creating a serene environment to ...

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  • Imagined Insect #9

    Lancaster City Museum

    Imagined Insect #9 is a reaction to issues of waste and pollution within our urban environments. The twisted, broken forms of umbrellas abandoned by their owners is a common sight when traversing our urban environments. Unlike other common items that are important to our daily lives, the humble umbrella, is often seen as replaceable and abandoned at the first sign of ...

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  • Gateway

    Gateway is a magical, moving animated journey following a young Afghan refugee as she searches for fellow creative spirits amongst the darkened streets of Lancaster. Audiences are invited to follow Sound Intervention’s innovative Projector Bikes from Kanteena on a short tour around the old buildings of the Heritage Action Zone as animations on the architecture reveal the young girls ...

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  • Entwined Light

    The Storey Gallery

    Entwined Light tells the story of the ever-evolving relationship between the artificial and the natural through the transitional interplay of form and light. The exoskeleton is a symbol of the man-made, while the photo-luminescent thread, powered by the sun, is an expression of the natural. The artwork provides the visitors with a path through this system in transition from natural ...

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  • Digital Playground

    Judges' Lodgings Garden

    A walk-through forest installation of oversized, robotic flowers. As visitors move around the sculpture forest, it becomes apparent that the flowers’ appearance subtly changes according to the audiences’ movements. Simply walking, stepping, swaying, spinning or even dancing within the space will influence the robotic forest to change in appearance. This oasis aims to passively remind us all to take it ...

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  • And Then I Slipped

    Lancaster Priory

    By award winning digital art and performance company, idontloveyouanymore, commissioned by Light Up Lancaster and Lightpool, And Then I Slipped is a waterfall of light. Inspired by the waterfalls of classic children’s films, such as Jungle Book and the Lion King, And Then I Slipped focuses on the representation of waterfalls as passages of transformation, and plays with the ...

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  • Leap

    Lancaster Castle

    In a series of phone calls, across landscape and time, LEAP takes a joyful look at human endeavour and the greatest journeys we might hope to go on.   An animated patchwork of scenes unfolds across the courtyard wall of Lancaster’s historic castle, transforming it with stunning projection mapping and a lush soundscape. LEAP uniquely combines beautiful projection mapping, ...

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  • The Hourglass

    Market Square

    Look! You’re flying in a storm, traipsing through the desert, swimming across the oceans, on journeys filled with excitement and danger. You are a young boy on an epic quest for safety, a wandering crane, a whale dashing across the ocean, all migrating to find new hope.   Migration is the most natural thing in the world. Animals and ...

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  • Fireworks Spectacular

    We’re almost ready to launch the fireworks wristbands at some point during the week commending 20th September – keep an eye on this website or sign up to our mailing list today!  

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