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At: Sun Square
By: Alex Rinsler and Prof. Robert Walsh, University of Central Lancashire


Credits: Supported by an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant and a Science and Technology Facilities Council Public Engagement Spark Award.

H/S Advice: Alan Horsfield of Extinguisher Hire Ltd



Creative Team:
Sound composed by: Ebe Oke

Counter-tenor: Feargal Mostyn Williams
Technical Production: Pufferfish
Special Effects: Matt Askey
AV: WarPro 

Images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA science team.


A world premiere, SUN is a partnership between public artist Alex Rinsler and Prof. Robert Walsh, one of the UK’s leading solar physicists. Presenting astrophysical data from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory in stunning 360°, SUN displays our closest star as a continually evolving sphere observed in extreme ultraviolet light, a part of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond human sight. Specialised image enhancement techniques highlight the finer details and texture of our solar neighbour, which would otherwise be lost. As we gaze into the sky, SUN reveals our star in a completely new light.


With support of public funding from Arts Council England and the Science and Technology Facilities Council, and technical production by Pufferfish.

Co-commissioned by Light Up Lancaster and the Lightpool Festival, Blackpool.













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