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At: Lancaster Castle Courtyard
By: mammasONica
Creative Team: Luca Pulvirenti – Art Director, Giancarlo Trimarchi – Sound Designer, Cristina Santangelo – Assistant Producer


“In the search for time, planets move in circles, from dusk till dawn; any difference disappears through the blossom, thus revealing the birth of a new cycle of life.”

Every moon reveals so its own orbit, 7 moons upon the sunrise, painting a journey from the past to the future. Moon phases inspire the cosmogony of a luminous landscape, constellations open to the skies, revealing a ciclic timing, an immersive frame leading the path to totality: a choral piece to celebrate the flow of time.

By a computational algorithm, the digital canvas renew itself over time, opening up to a landscape of flowing colours and tones. A sonic sequencing is reinforced by the crystalline and faceted forms of the structure.

Harmonics and Sonic Temperament meets the chromatic language, unfolding the patterns of a motion painting which takes a lifeforms in the shape of a luminous sculpture. A successful combination of aural storytelling with optical pictography; shapes and motifs evolve into digital data patterns, opening to a bright and tuneful visual experience and casting a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.