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Lancaster and Morecambe Makers

Lancaster and Morecambe Makers
At: Lancaster Library


Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (LAMM) bring a number of personal projects to Light Up Lancaster, each emitting visible, ultraviolet or laser light.

Swing The Ultraviolet Chaos Pendulum and be hypnotised, turn the crank on the The Mechanical Laser Show Machine, try to get a tune out of The Electric Light Xylophone and roll The Electronic Dice.

Get lost in depths of The Infinity Mirror or peer atIlluminated Lithophanes. Also marvel at The Fractal Tree, The Luminous “Things” and our collection of more mundane 3D-printed and laser-engraved items.


LAMM is a society of amateur designer/artist/engineers, with a community workshop on White Cross, and everything we show you, could be made by anyone using the equipment we have available and the knowledge and experience we are more than willing to share.