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At: Storey Gardens
By: illumaphonium

HALO is a wondrous new participatory sonic and visual kinetic experience.

Made up of individual but digitally interlinked columns of ever evolving patterns of light and sound. Halo is an immersive, innovative and interactive installation bringing strangers together in a shared moment of spontaneous music making.

The visual patterns created by interaction with and displayed directly upon the Halos themselves, are generated using cutting edge fluid and physics simulations. This gives rise to a naturalistic and believable visual experience which is as engaging for spectators as it is for engaged participants.

Each column stands between 2m and 3m tall and consists of between 9 and 11 illuminated and touch sensitive ‘halos’. Camera based wide-field proximity sensors detect the general presence of audiences, with near-field capacitive sensing system detecting touch and pressure on the ‘halos’ themselves.

Accessible to all people of all ages and abilities.