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From the Canal

At: Pizza Margherita
By: green.box.arts (Tina Warren and Denise Keen-Junk)

From the Canal was created by green.box.arts, a collaboration between Wyre based fine artists, Denise Keen-Junk and Tina Warren. In their work they focus on nature, and, conscious of environmental and ecological issues, seek to execute ethical ‘environmentally friendly’ artistic practice in the realisation of contemporary projects.  The installation is a continuance of, and builds on, work that they were commissioned to create for The Towpath Project as part of this year’s Lancaster Canal Bicentenary celebrations, in which they highlighted the importance of the canal as a valuable wildlife corridor that supports a wide variety of species of flora and fauna.  Some water birds have left the canal and waddled down Moor Lane to find themselves illuminated by Light Up Lancaster, now they are ready to soar..!